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Collection and Recoveries

Every debt is different.

Successful Debt Collection

Roberts Law understands that every debt is different. Whether you are looking to manage credit risk more effectively, improve the efficiency of your collection process, or increase the security and consistency of your cash flow, at Roberts Law we provide the bespoke solutions you need.



Our Objective

The debtor could be facing financial difficulties, so our objective is always to ensure that your debt is settled quickly, and as a priority. Many businesses delay the recovery process, hoping that maintaining a good relationship with their client will result in payment. The result is often the opposite: relations deteriorate as the time-consuming process of informally chasing debts continues, and the chances of recovering the debt decrease over time.

We let you focus on your business

With Roberts Law as your partner, you can concentrate on your business, while we manage the recovery process, ensuring that relationships and your reputation are maintained.



Our Approach

Letter before action

A Letter Before Action is a formal request for payment of your debt. This is a legal requirement, and, in most cases, results in immediate repayment. Receiving a letter from us is usually enough.

Since October 2017, the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims applies to debts owed by sole traders or individuals, and a standard Letter Before Action cannot be used. Our specialist recovery experts will lead you through the steps you need to take in this case.

If your debtor fails to respond, it is advisable to carry out a status/credit report, to enable us to take a more informed, strategic approach to recovery. We are committed to finding creative, innovative solutions which maximise your chances of repayment.

Legal claim

If you do not receive a satisfactory response to the Letter Before Action, then legal proceedings can be issued. Our expert debt recovery solicitors will issue a Claim Form and Particulars of Claim in the County Court for the debt, plus additional charges such as Late Payment compensation fees, contractual fees, the Court fee and fixed solicitor’s costs, as well as interest.

Your debtor will be given 14 days to respond. If they fail to do so, or accept the debt, we will proceed directly to Judgment and recovering your money.

If the Claim is disputed, we will provide expert, strategic advice on the litigation process, ensuring that the matter proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible. For complex or high value claims, our Dispute Management team are on-hand to offer a seamless service, increasing the chances of success.


Successful legal proceedings result in a County Court Judgment, a court order confirming default on the debt. Judgment can be obtained as soon as the County Court Claim has expired (14 days from service of the Claim). This Judgment allows enforcement action to be taken to collect the outstanding money owed.


Once Judgment has been obtained, a range of enforcement solutions are available to you. Our experience and creativity mean that we can provide strategic advice on the most appropriate option, giving the greatest chance of successful recovery.

For further information about the enforcement process, please click here.

Funds Transfer

Once we collect the debt, you will receive your money direct to your bank account, without having to concern yourself with any international bank transfer procedures.

Contact Us

If you would like any more information on collections and recoveries, or about debt recovery solutions more generally, contact Robert Barnard today.