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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a debt recovery specialist like Roberts Law?

Partner with Roberts Law for efficient and profitable debt recovery. Get agile, dynamic support tailored to your business needs.

Why partner with Roberts Law?

We're more than a debt collection team. We make your business efficient and profitable. Focus on growth, contact us today.

Are debt collection agencies cheaper?

Don't settle for short-term savings. Law firm power brings quicker results. We outshine debt collection agencies and multi-practice law firms.

When should I engage Roberts Law?

Engage us at any stage. We recover debts confidently, even long overdue ones. Prevent bad debts with our fit-for-purpose processes and documentation.

How do you recover debts?

We disrupt debt recovery with seamless integration, creative approaches, and unrivaled resources. Trust our experts for successful and professional recovery.

How much does Roberts Law cost?

Our pricing is tailored to your case. Enjoy potentially 100% free debt recovery services on successful collection. Contact us to discuss costs.

Should all debts be pursued?

We offer a free strategic ledger check. Pursue debts worth your time and money. Our expert investigators provide detailed information on debtors.

Is there a minimum debt value for you to collect?

We adapt to your business needs. No formulaic procedures. We manage debt recovery effectively, regardless of volume.

Should I insist on full repayment?

Tailor the approach to each debt. Demanding full repayment may not always be fruitful. Rescheduling can lead to profitable outcomes and stronger relationships.

How long does the debt recovery process take?

Each case varies. Long-term plans or immediate payment can be effective. We ensure regular communication at every stage for transparency.

Can I add interest to my claim?

State interest in your terms and conditions. Unclear? Charge interest under applicable laws. We help minimise disputes with clear documentation.

Can I add late payment compensation to my claim?

Charge compensation based on invoice value. Proportionate compensation costs in each case. Fair and justified.

Will debt recovery damage client relationships?

We value customer relationships. Honest, direct communication builds understanding. Address problems swiftly and professionally.

Are there different types of debt strategies?

We tailor solutions for each case. Recover debts from diverse debtors. Our expertise covers large companies, individuals, and public sector debtors.

How strong is my claim for repayment?

We ensure clear and unambiguous documentation for a strong position. Understand your customer relationships and market conditions for repayment assessment.

What are alternatives to legal action?

Legal action is a last resort. Pre-legal solutions and clear communication are key. We act quickly and decisively, with tailored solutions.

What is required for legal action?

Start with a formal demand letter. Clear terms, amount, and deadline. Ensure your processes and documentation are fit for purpose.

How long will legal proceedings take? Can I recover the cost?

Preparation time varies, but we handle it efficiently. Court hearing wait times range from months to years. Costs depend on debt size but may be recovered if you win.

How should I respond to a debtor's counterclaim?

Resolve disputes swiftly and amicably. Good-faith negotiation strengthens your position. We settle disputes quickly with proactive measures.

If legal proceedings are successful, am I guaranteed payment?

No guarantee if debtor lacks assets or income. Our due diligence helps assess debtors' financial status for informed decisions.

How can I enforce judgement in a debt recovery case?

Multiple enforcement options available based on case details. Choose the best solution, such as warrants, orders, or insolvency proceedings.

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