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What we do

Every debt is different.

Founded by Robert Barnard

Founded by Robert Barnard, an award-winning financial and legal services leader with 20+ years of corporate experience.

Roberts Law disrupts debt recovery. Our innovative solutions drive efficiency and profitability through genuine partnerships, deep business understanding, and seamless integration.


Our Objective

The debtor could be facing financial difficulties, so our objective is always to ensure that your debt is settled quickly, and as a priority. Many businesses delay the recovery process, hoping that maintaining a good relationship with their client will result in payment. The result is often the opposite: relations deteriorate as the time-consuming process of informally chasing debts continues, and the chances of recovering the debt decrease over time.

Oursourced debt recovery solutions

As your direct and efficient debt recovery team, we seamlessly integrate with your business, providing an agile approach. Our legal experts bolster your credit control function, delivering direct and instant results. Our confidence in our ability and brand is evident in our no win no fee collections and potential profit share on litigation, showcasing our ROI.



Backed by Excello Law, a top UK commercial law firm

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If you would like any more information on, disputed debts, international debt recovery, outsourced solutions, collections and recoveries, debt enforcement and insolvency, or about debt recovery solutions more generally, contact Robert Barnard today.