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Roberts Law is a disruptive force in the debt recovery sector.

Utilities sector

Roberts Law specialises in the unique needs of the utility industry. Our experienced team of specialists implements and manages customised collection and account receivable solutions for our commercial clients. Our goal is to quickly bring the account to resolution so we can focus clearly on the next account. Since usually the debtor is a potential return customer, it becomes our responsibility to represent our clients in a professional, courteous, and ethical manner.

Roberts Law uses its effective 30-day pre-legal collections strategy to prevent legal action being required. Our success in this area is very high but if required we will escalate seamlessly to litigation . Either by paying off the account in full or getting automated payment arrangements made we here to assist . This results in lower outstanding delinquency levels and bad debt write offs, whilst improving our clients bottom line.

If you are tired of sending invoices to customers who ignore them and you are ready to do something about it, contact Roberts Law today.

You can even Submit Your Account Online for review by one of our specialists!

Benefits for utilities clients:

Our Utilities Pre-legal Collection Services

Roberts Law has a multitude of options for achieving maximum recovery. With our proven pre-legal 30 days collection services, you are able to focus your time and energy on providing quality services. Our collections team will make an effective collections strategy for you, and will enhance your accounts receivables management.

Utilities Legal Recoveries Services

We provide a full range of legal and dispute resolution services for clients operating in the energy and utilities sector, through our experienced team of para-legals and partner led teams we have a proven track record in successfully bringing and defending non and contentious matters to  conclusion.

We Work With Different Markets

Our experience allows us to work with many different utility and service companies. We have experience in regulated, deregulated, and municipal markets alike. Through our years of experience, we understand that a one-size-fits-all model is not effective. Our team adjusts the formula, based on your market and your collection needs.

We Preserve Customer Relations

Service and utility-based companies need to continue positive relationships with their debtors. This is due to the fact that these debtors will most likely have to utilise the same companies again for their services. At Roberts Law , we work hard to collect what you are owed without causing strain on your customers.

Contact Us

If you would like any more information on our debt utilities solutions or more generally, contact Robert Barnard today.